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Profiles (XMPs) in Lightroom & Photoshop

Stacking LUTs & Using Profiles in Lightroom & Photoshop

  • Skip to 1:33 for bulk importing XMPs to use in both programs (or read below)
  • Skip to 1:41 for Lightroom Only bulk import (or read below)



Bulk Import XMPs to create PROFILES to use across LR & PS

1. Make sure your Adobe apps are closed and unzip/ locate your new XMP files.
2. Find where your XMP files are usually stored for CameraRaw/Settings:

for MAC it's usually
LIBRARY/ Application Support / Adobe / CameraRaw / Settings
Note: Library is often hidden. (We love you Apple but ?!) extra step here is Finder > "Go to Folder" from dropdown > Enter ~/Library to show it.
for PC try
C:\Users\UserName\App Data\ Roaming\ Adobe\ CameraRaw\Settings
3. Move or copy your new XMP files into that location. 

In LR: Find them under Edit > Profile > click the grid symbol or 'Color' for the dropdown to 'Browse All Profiles' > Choose 'User Profiles'
In Lightroom Classic: Find them under Develop > Basic > Profile & click the grid symbol or  'Color' for the dropdown to 'Browse All Profiles' > Choose 'User Profiles'
In Photoshop: Find them under Filter > Camera Raw Filter > Profiles
Once you select a profile, you'll see an intensity slider. Try it out! 
Bulk Import XMPs for Lightroom Only (without Photoshop)
1. Open Lightroom (LR or LrC) & click File > Import profiles & presets
2. Browse to your new downloaded XMP folder & import
OR for LrC you can alternatively select and copy the new files into your presets folder:
1. Click Lightroom > Preferences
2. Under the Presets section, click 'Show Lightroom Develop Presets'
3. Open this folder and copy the new XMPs there


We've tried to cover the most common scenarios here - we might not have guides for every software but we'll always try to assist or find an answer if you get stuck, get in touch.

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