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LUTs Guide



1. With Premiere closed, find the following folder (within Library > Application Support for Mac, or AppData > Roaming for PC):
2. Within COMMON add a new folder. Name it LUTS.
3. Within LUTS, add 2 new folders. Name them CREATIVE and TECHNICAL.
4. Move your new LUTs into the CREATIVE folder.
5. Open Premiere & go to the LUMETRI COLOR PANEL. Your new LUTs should now appear in the CREATIVE > LOOK dropdown.
6. Select to apply. Too intense? Use the INTENSITY slider in this section to suit your clip.





1. Click the PROJECT SETTINGS wheel, bottom right of your project.
2. In the COLOR MANAGEMENT section, choose 'OPEN LUT FOLDER' right at the bottom
3. Copy or move your new LUTs into the LUT folder that now opens. Click 'UPDATE LIST' to save.
5. You can now access your LUTs in the '3D INPUT LOOKUP TABLE' dropdown in the COLOR MANAGEMENT section.
6. Select to apply. Too intense? There are several ways to adjust intensity. Try selecting the node - then click on Key > under Key Output lower the GAIN value.

We've tried to cover the most common scenarios here - we might not have guides for every software but we'll always try to assist or find an answer if you get stuck, get in touch.

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