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All of our director-inspired presets in one bundle- save over 60% on these packs which individually would be over $210! A huge set of 7 packs in 1:

FINCHER - Escape into Fincher’s lens with dramatic tech blues and yellow-greens. Both vibrant and dark, this set gives you some different punches to pull where you need to. (12 core looks)

BURTON - Just like Edward Scissorhands, this palette has a hard edge with a bright candy colored center. Don't be afraid of the shadows! From Beetlejuice purple and green to the surreal monochromes of Sweeney Todd and the Nightmare Before Christmas, it's a pack with some off-beat combinations for lots of experimentation and unique cinematic looks. (10 core looks)

COPPOLA - based around Francis Ford Coppola’s distinctive aesthetic for Apocalypse Now and the Godfather movies. It's a color scheme with warm dusty Italian shades, cut through with a hard edge of cool maroon and intense power in those shadows. Things heat up with the Apocalypse Now filters, this time punching up the peach against lush greens. (10 core looks)

COEN BROS - Top up your White Russian and get flooding your images with a memorable Wash of the Dude. Or should that be unwashed?  First a range of muddied olives and mauve that shows the dude clearly doesn’t separate his whites.. unlike in the Fargo set, where you can brighten things up and get a pop of vivid brights worthy of a cult movie. Pulling them together you’ll also find the distinctive bold yet muted scheme from Oh Brother Where Art Thou. A landmark in digital color adjustment, this movie was so distinctive at the time for its weird new monochrome texture of gold and khaki. (9 core looks)

WES ANDERSON - With warm, retro tones and dusty pastel shades evoking vintage film, this epic pack inspired by Wes Anderson's cinematography includes our must-have "Andersonizer" and latest Asteroid City-palette looks. (21 core looks)

TARANTINO - The ultimate in 90s stylish noir... these Tarantino- inspired presets are bold and a little wild-eyed. From brash like Bruce to effective like the Bride, these palettes goes from retro diner blue and orange to abandoned warehouse green, pulled together (or is it taken apart?) with blood red. (13 core looks)

PT ANDERSON - use contrast for tension -this pack sets fireworks off through subtle palettes for an unsettling combo. (10 core looks)

+ complimentary "Groundwork" pack of 22 presets to lift shadows, add grain & other basic adjustments to customize these looks. (available in all file types except LUT).

File types


✓ Compatible with Premiere Pro, After Effects, FinalCut Pro, DaVinci Resolve, Blackmagic & more. Rec709, 64x64x64.


✓ Compatible with Lightroom Classic, Lightroom CC & Photoshop Camera Raw


Compatible with Photoshop using Camera Raw Filter; adjustments made automatically.

How to install?

Guides are here, & get in touch to ask a question anytime.

How to adjust?


3D LUTS & XMP Profiles can usually be adjusted with a slider in your editing software.


Each look comes with two more adjustment versions...

(-) dial your chosen look down to 50% intensity or

(+) dial it right up to 150%! 


You'll receive our "Groundwork" pack of 22 presets to lift shadows, add grain & other baseline adjustments to stack & customize these looks. Optional download as XMP, Lrtemplate, DNG & ATN.

Ask a question

    Download your files on checkout. Each of our packs comes with a 100% editing happiness guarantee. If you've got any issues let us know, we will exchange file types or put it right for you.


    Presets can come on a little strong. We've been there. So especially for programs without a slider we made 3 intensity levels: dial your chosen look down a little with "-" or dial it right up if you want with "+"!  (Doesn't apply to LUTS)


    Choose 3 packs and one is free. Discount applied automatically on checkout. (Offer excludes Bundles).

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