LOVE STORY 6-PACK bundle inspired by romantic movies

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The most head over heels, sweep-you-off-your-feet bundle of movie looks: 6 packs in 1:

LA LA LAND - Here’s to the ones who dream... a set inspired by the La La Land movie to dazzle any viewer! Drench your pictures in dreamy hues of purple and blue, with some popping yellow and pink like Mia’s dresses. The result is bold - like basking in the bright stage lights, neon nights at the piano bar and dusky sunrises... we could do this all day long! (8 core looks)

HER - Based on the alluring palette of Spike Jonze's love story, this is not just a warm scheme but a comforting one with soft pinks and pea green, never harsh - Jonze takes tech away from the familiar trope of green and black and instead humanizes it like Alexa and Siri would really want to be. Red has punch but is never startling - equally white is almond and putty, not LED.  (8 core looks)

AMELIE - Alongside the strong, warm greens and reds that define this enchanting movie, you'll find deep umber and sepias. It’s a chocolate box palette delivering enough coffee and cocoa to fill Amelie’s day in Montmartre! (6 core looks)

THE GREAT GATSBY - Baz Luhrmann’s charismatic vision of Art Deco New York is a heady mix of vibrant saturation and cool tones - opulent gilded shades and of course, that green light that mesmerizes Gatsby... (6 core looks)

AMERICAN BEAUTY - It doesn’t get more American than red, white and blue. The red lipstick notes in this film are clear for all to see, and every preset here makes sure the crimson is dialed up but also checks the more subtle cool tones Mendes uses to create suburban America and set off that red even more. (6 core looks)

THE NOTEBOOK - this pack will take you straight to the lakehouse. Choose from a light wash to drenched blues... 7 presets to choose from that will cover different styles of photographs and lighting conditions - all inspired by cool tones of the movie with its classic cars and punchy red 1940s lipstick. (7 core looks)

+ complimentary "Groundwork" pack of 22 presets to lift shadows, add grain & other basic adjustments to customize these looks. (available in all file types except LUT).

File types


✓ Compatible with Premiere Pro, After Effects, FinalCut Pro, DaVinci Resolve, Blackmagic & more. Rec709, 64x64x64.


✓ Compatible with Lightroom Classic, Lightroom CC & Photoshop Camera Raw


Compatible with Photoshop using Camera Raw Filter; adjustments made automatically.

How to install?

Guides are here, & get in touch to ask a question anytime.

How to adjust?


3D LUTS & XMP Profiles can usually be adjusted with a slider in your editing software.


Each look comes with two more adjustment versions...

(-) dial your chosen look down to 50% intensity or

(+) dial it right up to 150%! 


You'll receive our "Groundwork" pack of 22 presets to lift shadows, add grain & other baseline adjustments to stack & customize these looks. Optional download as XMP, Lrtemplate, DNG & ATN.

Ask a question

    Download your files on checkout. Each of our packs comes with a 100% editing happiness guarantee. If you've got any issues let us know, we will exchange file types or put it right for you.


    Presets can come on a little strong. We've been there. So especially for programs without a slider we made 3 intensity levels: dial your chosen look down a little with "-" or dial it right up if you want with "+"!  (Doesn't apply to LUTS)


    Choose 3 packs and one is free. Discount applied automatically on checkout. (Offer excludes Bundles).

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